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Simply select the 'League' button at the top of the main Gold Drafter screen.  Our Wizard will walk you through the process of setting up your league.  Also check out our two tutorial videos on the homepage for help setting up and running Yahoo! drafts.

Having a registered copy will enable you to receive all the latest player forecast updates and go to your draft fully prepared to dominate.  All forecast data updates after June 1, 2018 will be for subscribers only.  The software is the same, though.  This way, you can try us out, fully, before you buy.  Registration gets you the timely player updates from our friends at Fantasy Football Analytics.

Yes! We are very excited to introduce mobile support for the 2018 season! Try Gold Drafter on your phone using the mock draft feature today!

Yes!  With the addition of Gold Drafter, we have moved away from platform-specific versions of the software and offer every feature on the web!

There's no limit in Gold Drafter to the number of leagues you can configure and draft in. Since all league info is stored on our servers, you can log into Gold Drafter to access your leagues on any computer!

Absolutely!  One of the great things about Gold Drafter is the ability to configure different leagues and scoring rules for the same set of player projections.  During the League Setup process, Gold Drafter allows you to select a default scoring style that most closely matches your league.  You then have the power to adjust these rules for every position.   Gold Drafter provides over 20 different statistics you can use.  Of course, one of our defaults will probably match your league pretty closely, so there should be little extra work for you.

You configure this in your starters configuration for the league scoring.  Either during the New League Setup Wizard, or with an existing league, choose "Edit -> Positions/Scoring Rules" then modify the starters column.  If your league allows 2 RB's, 1 WR and 1 RB/WR flex position, then going RB=2.5 and WR=1.5 is a good way to handle the flex.  Because leagues often tend to use RB's more than WR's in the flex spot, we usually suggest RB=2.7 and WR=1.3.  If you know your league uses WR more than most, the 2.5/1.5 mix looks good.  The same thing applies for leagues with RB/WR/TE flex positions.  Just modify your fractions to cover the total number of positions that you'll be starting.

Definitely.  In fact, we suggest that you take the time to run a few mock drafts to verify your players projections, and compare how Gold performs against average draft picks.  Gold Drafter makes this process simple.  Once you have your league configured, select the Mock Draft button.  Gold Drafter will then run a mock draft using your player projections and league scoring rules.  You even have the option to stop Gold Drafter at your picks, thus giving you a great way to practice your drafting and see how selecting different players would affect your draft.  Also, to ensure Gold Drafter knows when to stop for your draft pick, be sure to tell Gold Drafter which team is yours!  Go to the top Edit menu, then choose "League."  Select the drop-down box for "My Team" and indicate which team in the league is yours.

No.  However, we believe our Gold Algorithm and industry leading projection data will give you a competitive edge. Our data showed that 37% of users were no. 1 after the first week! Proving how effective the Gold Algorithm is when combined with Fantasy Football Analytics!

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